Let’s pick your favorite

I want to check out your feedback! Let me know which look you liked best by commenting 1,2 […]

A Special Birthday

Today, we are going to switch up our post slightly to wish my mom a Happy Birthday!! What […]

T-shirt Collective

What guy doesn’t love a T-shirt? And I’m sure you wish you could wear this all day, everyday. […]

Thigh High Boots

Let me start off by saying I never thought I would ever be rocking black thigh high leather […]

Navy Suited

Fall is pretty much upon us and you can never go wrong with a navy suit. It’s actually […]

Oversized Sweater Fun

While it’s not quite sweater weather in Arizona, I’ve made an exception this early in the season to […]

Freestyle Friday: Chrome Nails

Have you seen the latest trend in nails? It is referred to as mirror or chrome nails and […]

Menswear Monday: What to Wear

Over the last few weeks we’ve shared a few different looks on model Letarius for the office. Today, […]