First Friday of 2017: Beauty Predictions

We made into 2017 & have come upon the FIRST FRIDAY of the year!

I keep hearing talk of resolutions vs. reality, the term “new year, new me” and what keeps ringing is how dreadful 2016 was for a lot of people. Well I am not going to stand on my soap box today but I do want to share with you some beauty predictions for this new year.

  1. Let the turntable spin….we will have a repeat of fashion and beauty history with trends from the 1980’s back on the scene. There seems to be a few rumors of rainbow colors, shoulder pads and lots and lots of glitter making a comeback! Oh I don’t know if I am ready for this (biting nails).
  2. Relaxers…nope! We will continue to see our natural queens shine. I am so excited to see this remain on trend. It will include braids of all sorts as well as curls and waves. I am sure a few remember the curly perm tried to come back on the scene in 2016 which was scary and frizzy all at the same time. Well if at first you don’t succeed try and try again; expect to see those with bone straight hair rocking braids, curls and body waves!
  3. You want me to walk out of the house without what??? NO MAKEUP – LOL! I do this all the time even as a Professional Makeup Artist, no shame in my game. Yes ladies the no makeup-makeup look is going to be hitting hard this year. So that means you need to get your skin in order and go visit your local Licensed Esthetician.
  4. The wet look…we will see a lot of advertorials and runway looks with a wet hair trend this year. To achieve the best wet looks incorporating a sheen to the hair will give it a truly shiny and effortless look. The wet look will also translate on the skin. Not in the form of highlighters or glitters but a glow which can be achieved with oils.
  5. Fellas, are you a member of the beard gang? If not it may be time to start growing out that facial hair. Now please do not get carried away, we are not talking lumber jack beards or beards with braids. Whether short, long or in between beards are on the list for 2017.

Are you ready for 2017 now? We will see who gets on the bandwagon with these trends, what lasts and what flops. Happy New Year!


Tu Es Jolie,