Freestyle Friday Beauty Edition: Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Today we are highlighting a few key tools of the trade for both men and women that can be used at home or in your travel bag.

Ladies first so here goes…

  • Q Tips – My favorite q-tips are the soft swabs with the pointed ends. They are great not only for cleaning up mistakes but they also catch tears from watering eyes and remove nasty mucus.
  • Foundation Brush – My preference is a brush over a sponge simply because sponges soak up majority of the product. However I do suggest a sponge when working with textured skin. A good foundation brush will be flat, rounded at the tip and made of synthetic hair.
  • Powder Brush – A large, fluffy-round brush is great for translucent and setting powders.
  • Brow Brush – A double sided brow brush that has a mascara wand on one end and a slanted tip on the other end is great for taming unruly brows.
  • Eye Shadow Brush – There are many types, flat, rounded, small, medium and large; each can be used for something different. Start with two, a small flat that is good for precision or depositing color and a small rounded which is good for blending.
  • Wipes – Makeup remover wipes or even baby wipes are something that you should definitely have in a travel bag. It is multipurpose and can be used for cleaning up just about anything.


Fellas we have you covered too…

  • Shears – A pair of trimming scissors is a must for keeping facial hair neatly groomed.
  • Tweezers – Slanted sharp edge tweezers are a necessity when dealing with stubborn ingrown hairs. The sharp edge can puncture the skin just enough to free the hair locked in and causing irritation to be pulled out.
  • Razors – This is a tricky one as some men react to razors with bumps or ingrown hairs. If your skin can take it then it is a good tool to have in a travel bag. If not, see your barber or men’s grooming expert for an edge up.
  • Moisturizer – Yes…moisturizer! Whether it is for your face, body or hair it is imperative to keep your skin & hair nourished daily.


These tools are easily attainable and can be found at varying costs. Quality will be key so shop smart. If you follow the Fashion to Fit You Instagram page you should have seen a story this week about a giveaway.

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