Bye Bye Beauty

It is time to close another chapter…

My role as Beauty Editor is coming to an end and I want to say THANK YOU to Sarah for bringing me on as a part of her team.

I don’t know if Sarah knows this but I recall seeing her before she introduced herself to me some years ago. We were both at an event, I was doing makeup and she was covering as press. I overheard her ask a young lady to do her makeup and the artist kind of brushed her off with an attitude of “when I get time”. I remember how that made me feel overhearing it so I can only imagine how she took it. A few moments later I went up to her and asked if she wanted a touch up to come and see me. A couple months later we were meeting at a Starbucks and she was sharing her vision of expanding Fashion to Fit You with me. Soon after she made me Beauty Editor and the two of us have not only become wonderful additions to one another’s businesses but now one another’s lives. She is my friend, my little sister, my kids love her and an extension of my family.

Photo by Romen Cole Photography

As a member of the beauty community we are often looked at as unprofessional, catty and egotistical. Everything happens in the right time and you never know where you next blessing is coming from. We should always treat one another with respect and dignity. If I had exhibited different behavior when I first met Sarah she wouldn’t have given me a second look. However my work and my integrity spoke before I did and as a result of it she entrusted me and created a role for me as a member of the Fashion to Fit You team.

It has been a great two years sharing beauty, health and wellness tips with the readers! I am so appreciative and hope that everyone has learned something that they had not previously been aware of. I wish our readers well as we move into the final phase of 2017!

Tu Es Jolie,


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