Freestyle Friday: Bye-Bye Beauty Trends

Dearly Beloved,

With great regret and despair I must announce the trends we need to say GOODBYE to in 2017!


Okay – deep breath in and deep breath out…as much as you may disagree we have to put a few beauty trends to rest in this new year. We have hung on to catch phrases, Insta-famous, records on repeat a bit longer than we should have. It is time we step away from what your friend’s second cousin removed on her father’s side has to say about hair, makeup, skin and grooming and start things off fresh!

Let’s take a look at a few things that need not return:

  1. 100 Layers of polish – Not really sure who came up with this idea or thought about how practical it would be to have 100 coats of polish on each finger. I have seen it all the way up to 250! It is an absurd waste of product although some may consider it art let’s not attempt this trend EVER again.
  2. Concealer around the eye brows – This is not bringing the luminous glow to you face that one would presume. It looks like you cut the brows out of a book and glued them to your face. Your eyebrows should accentuate your eyes and the shape of your face. Yes both full brows and natural brows are on trend but carving them out is not. They should look the most like your natural hair and shape as possible.
  3. Inked Beards – Fellas you are not excluded whatsoever. Yes beards are on trend and although some may have a difficult time growing facial hair here is what you should not do. Do not draw your hair on with a sharpie marker, do you realize how toxic that is to your skin? There are products that your barber can provide to help your hair grow and even tint if it is thinning in areas but let’s leave the markers at our desks and off our faces.
  4. Glue Masks – Yet another trend by someone with too much time in the craft store. I was blown away when I saw people mixing glue and charcoal to make a blackhead removing mask. Although there are skincare products with charcoal in them these products are created by chemists in a lab who have done extensive research. Adding glue, a product we use to stick things together on the face is just silly. Let’s think about what harm you could be doing – how smart is this really?
  5. The term “baking” – This is actually something that was introduced over 10-years ago by the drag community. When performing and under the heated lights this technique helped to set the foundation without creasing in the hot spots of the face. Those hot spots were under the eyes and along the T-zone. Although some may say well I get hot I need that; let’s be honest and ask yourself a couple questions. What were you doing before you were aware of this trend? How much powder do you go through on a weekly basis? Have you thought about how much you are spending burning through excessive amounts of product? Hmhmm…step away from the makeup counter!

I implore you let’s stop this foolishness in 2017. Being practical, I understand, being frugal, I understand but walking around looking like art projects is not beauty or trendy. There are licensed professionals in each and every state who can care for your skin, grooming, makeup, nails and hair. Schedule time this year to treat yourself by seeing one of these professionals, have a conversation on your personal style and come up with looks that work best based on that.

Tu Es Jolie,