Menswear Monday: Casual Office

Casual offices are becoming more of the norm even in corporate America (especially on the west coast). While it’s an awesome transition as it broadens the options a man can wear to work, it also opens up doors to make mistakes on your work wardrobe (remember they are still paying you to do the work, some type of professionalism needs to be maintained). Therefore, today we have model Letarius giving us Cool Guy vibes for the office. This look is ideal for a very laid back office that most likely would be in a tech or marketing industry with quite a bit of work being completed in house. Although, this look is put together enough to be able to meet with clients outside of the office if needed.

All images © 2016 Saadiq Muhammad

Comfortable tan pants give the look a little dressier appeal than denim.

Casual sneakers (with laces) are a must for the office, if you can help it stay away from athletic or performance sneakers in the office.

Having a fitted T-shirt is ideal even for a casual look as it pulls the outfit together and is more presentable than a loosely fit shirt.

Sunnies and a backpack complete the look (throw your laptop in the bag, a great alternative to the typical briefcase).

Shirt, Pants, Sunnies- City Royal; Backpack- Kays Lamar

Look styled by Phashionizta.

Style Tip: If you need to dress up this look, you can switch the shirt to a button down (white or blue would work best) and swap the sneakers for brown dress shoes.


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