Freestyle Friday: Juicing Cleanse

Have you heard about all of the many

detox and juicing cleanses on the market?

We are going to highlight a few that seem to

be popular and show you where to go to create your own.

Juicing extracts the juice from fresh fruits or vegetables. The resulting liquid contains essentials vitamins, minerals and plant extracts found in the whole fruit.

  1. JUS – These bottles are sold at Wal-Mart for only $35 but you can purchase in bundles directly from the vendor. A JUS cleanse is essentially a short-term detox diet designed to rid the body of impurities through a series of specially formulated BLENDED drinks filled with vitamin-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Good Cleansing – This brand is having a Memorial Day sale for their three-day cleanse products for only $76. They also have bundle deals and go into quite a bit of detail about their cleanses. A cleanse according to Good Cleansing “Is the “Tune -Up” for the human body and this why we should look forward to cleansing periodically to eliminate toxins from the cells and bloodstream. Sound, organic, quality produce made into fresh juices delivers a vast amount of nutrients and live enzymes into your blood stream within minutes.” 
  3. Raw Generation – This vendor offers a subscription which is such a smart idea. It forces you to stay on a regiment when you know an automatic draft is coming out of your bank account! This brand even has recommendations for men and women based on the type of cleanse interested in.

These are the three on the market which seem to be the most popular but you can also attempt your own recipes. Pinterest has a great combination of concoctions! When creating your own blends be sure to use super fruits and veggies that are fresh. Reference are past article on Super Foods. Happy Juicing!!

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