A Final Word from the Editor

Good bye is never easy and it’s taken quite awhile to figure out how to start and put into words what I want to say.

I started Fashion to Fit You in 2012 after talking to my now mentor Dr. Will. He asked me what do you like to do and I replied I love fashion. He said well what are you doing in the fashion industry and I said absolutely nothing (embarassingly). He suggested I should probably do something in the industry and a blog was one of the suggestions he offered. From that conversation, I put into action the blog (originally on blogger.com) and thus started Fashion to Fit You.

During the first couple of years I lacked direction (completely my fault) and I wasn’t sure what to write about and the frequency fell off as well. I finally got focused in 2014 and realized I wanted to talk about fashion and style as a whole which included beauty and menswear. I searched high and low for someone who I thought could not only provide the expertise I was looking to share with my audience but also someone who had the professionalism to represent my brand on a daily basis. A chance encounter at a Fashion Show during a Super Bowl event lead to Jalia who possesed all I was looking for and more.

Jalia Pettis and Sarah Parks – Image by Bel-Air Photography

Jalia brought her beauty and professional background into not only the Fashion to Fit You universe but also into mine personally. I am fortunate to have been able to work with her so closely over the past few years which has grown into a life long friendship. I’ve learned more than just beauty with her, but also to stand firm on my ground and never be afraid to ask for what you want despite how people may take it (admittedly this is a major “development” need for myself). So for that and much more  Jalia I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And then there’s Letarius (I think he most girls favorite? lol). His involvement happened by complete chance but turned out spectacular. We had our first photoshoot a little over a year and a half ago and it all just worked, the feedback from readers was great and I got to know him better. We worked well as a team and he fit right into the mix with Jalia and I as well   as the photographers we used (more on them in a bit). Also, don’t let him fool, he has a great sense of style on his own but he was gracious enough to allow me to play dress up with my own ideas as well. Thank you for being not only my mens style guru but a great friend with a balance of a quick laugh or solid life advice.

In addition, a huge shout out to two of my assistants that worked with me various times throughout Fashion to Fit You. Breanna and Patrice your help on photoshoots, content, runway shows, fittings etc were invaluable and I can’t thank you two enough for taking a chance and reaching out to me to learn. I hope I was able to provide you with information and real world experience that will help you in the path you chose.

Two photographers have been along for this fashionable ride from almost the beginning. Juan Loza of Loza Photography and Saadiq of Belair Photography. Both of these guys have not only worked with us non models with patience and professionalism but also produced the content I wanted to share. Thank you both for obliging my early early call times to avoid the 100 degree temps and quick turn on all the photos. The photography elevated Fashion to Fit You as a whole and I look forward to continuing the work in years to come.

So, thus closes this fashionable chapter in my story. This blog has taught me so much both good and bad, but all the lessons have been worth it. I’ve met some amazing individuals through this platform and those friendships will live on well past this blog. As you can also see throughout the years, my style has ever evolved (please pass no judgement on the earlier years lol).

Don’t worry completely tho as you will be seeing me soon (as well as cameos from your FTFY faves) on Phashionizta (make sure to click on the link and leave your email so you can be the first to know of the launch)!

I’ll leave you with one final send off and some pics of my fave Outfits 🙂

Stay Fashionable,



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