Freestyle Friday: Celebrating Two-Years!

It has been two years since 

I have come on board as the Beauty Editor…

Wow, time sure does fly!

I cannot believe it has been two years since joining Sarah’s team here at Fashion to Fit You. I remember when I first met Sarah at, it  was when the Super Bowl was in Phoenix, AZ. She was covering an event in which I was apart of the glam team. I was backstage doing makeup and I overheard her speaking with another Makeup Artist regarding a touch up. The Makeup Artist she spoke with didn’t have time so I slid in there and made time not even realizing she was there as press. That initial meeting led to a subsequent sit down in which we talked about her vision for the blog. One thing led to the another and the rest is history, it was the right place at the right time with the right person.

In being apart of the team my role is to educate our readers with regard to beauty and wellness. As such I provide tips and tricks with regard to hair, makeup, skincare, health and wellness for both men and women. As a Licensed Professional who works in the industry I am very passionate about educating, training and mentor-ship. In the age of social media it is so easy to get sucked into a trend. My goal is to provide practical information. Yes I poke fun as that is my personality however it is always clocked in truth so that you as a consumer can make the best possible decision based on your particular need. I hope that our readers see that as true and if you want to hear more about a given topic please let me know. It would be great to get more feedback!

A few of my favorite articles over the last two years include those in which I was able to get insight from other professionals. It is great to be able to bounce experiences off of your peers. In addition I loved the infused water article, I think I tried that for almost three months and really enjoyed it. Moving forward I would like to do more how-to’s so you can see me interacting with people and products. I do hope that you enjoy the Freestyle Friday articles and excited about what the next two years as your Beauty Editor will bring!

Tu Es Jolie,


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