Freestyle Friday: Hydration Is Key

As we approach the summer months

it is imperative that we do as much as

we can to stay hydrated!

Why is hydration so important?

Water is what regulates the temperatures of our bodies in addition to lubricating our joints. It also helps transport nutrients to give us energy while keeping us healthy. When we are not properly hydrated our performance levels are off and we may experience muscle cramps, dizziness, headaches and fatigue.


What are some better ways to stay hydrated?

H2O = Water will always be number one! However I understand some people may not want to simply drink water. So, you can infuse your water which is something that we have talked about at Fashion To Fit You in the past. This is always fun because you can add your favorite fruits and veggies to water. Simply pour your water into mason jars, add your fruits, allow it to sit in the fridge overnight and then grab it as you walk out the door the next morning. After you drink the water, you have a health snack waiting at the bottom of the jar. You can also freeze fruit and use it as ice cubes. My favorite way to ensure I drink enough water is crushed ice and yes I know most people say its bad for your teeth but I absolutely love it!


The first day of summer does not officially begin until June 20 so you have exactly one month to start getting your body into a hydration routine. Start with a small goal of water intake and increase it each week. Remember to have fun with it by incorporating fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. Stay Hydrated!

Tu Es Jolie,