Freestyle Friday : A Note from the Beauty Editor

Hello Beautiful & Brawny

A Note from the Beauty Editor

You haven’t heard from me in a while but I am still here! As we are upon spring and entering the summer seasons I have a few things planned for our readers that I wanted to share very briefly.

For the ladies we will be providing video and step by step tutorials on skincare products and makeup tips. For the fellas we will also have videos covering skincare along with grooming tips. No matter what your geographical area there are things you can do to help aide in overall health and beauty. With that being said expect to see interviews with subject matter experts who will share wellness tips. The icing on the cake will be a few giveaways…yes FREE STUFF! Announcements regarding those will be on our social media pages so make sure you are following all our outlets.

Lastly, I would really like to encourage our readers to ask questions. If there is something you are interested in learning about, trying or just want to know send us an email. We want to hear from you, we want you to try out the product suggestions and tips at every level from fashion to beauty.

Until next week…

Tu Es Jolie,