Freestyle Friday Beauty Edition – It’s Cold Outside!

The northern hemisphere is currently experiencing frigid temperatures. Which means the probability to become ill has increased…AGHH!

Who likes to be sick? I sure don’t, it zaps me of all physical and mental capability. If you are like me you want to repel the germs before they decide to attach themselves. Here are a few very simple tips that can help your body stay on the right track during the winter season:

  1. Drink LOTS of water: Yes it sounds so simple but if you are like me I struggle with that 8-10 glass intake. To help me I crunch on cups of ice throughout the day. It is probably not the best for my teeth but I am getting that H2O in my body nonetheless. Hydration is very much key and it also helps to flush your system of impurities.
  2. Wash your hands: Hand sanitizer is great but nothing beats 30-seconds of soap and warm water. Get under your fingernails and around your wrists. Rinse well and don’t turn the faucet off with your bare hands, instead use a paper towel.
  3. Take a multi-vitamin: More times than not our body is not getting everything it needs out of food consumption. Simply because we become so busy we forget to eat breakfast or work through lunch. A good multi-vitamin will inform you of what is the daily requirement for men and women.
  4. Stop sharing everything: Don’t drink off the same cup or straw, don’t eat from the same plate, spoon or fork. YUCK! Don’t even share your pen or pencil…how many people put their writing utensils in their mouth or hair? Oh my gosh just thinking about this is grossing me out, lol.
  5. Get a massage: Although this may be looked at as a luxury it can help tremendously. Having the kinks in your back and neck kneaded can not only reduce stress but boost serotonin which in turns helps to protect your immune system.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, less caffeine and eight hours of sleep can also help you to stay healthy. Dress accordingly to protect yourself and don’t go outside with a “wet head”. If you still happen to catch a cold or the flu STAY HOME, let it run its course. Take care of yourself!

Tu Es Jolie,