Freestyle Friday: Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Today we are devoting #FreestyleFriday

to self-awareness & self-motivation!

Hello to all the Fashion to Fit You Subscribers & Followers, I am doing Freestyle Friday a bit different today. We aren’t going to talk about beauty or health but wellness, to be more specific mental wellness.

How often do we talk ourselves out of things we want? Do you find yourself becoming discouraged after you get a great idea then talk yourself out of it? Too many times to count if we are really honest. Today I want to get a bit personal as this was something that I did a few months back that could have had adverse affects.

Several months ago I had a conversation with a colleague about next steps in my career. During the course of our conversations it was told to me that I need to do more and it was time to take it to another level. I was apprehensive and tried to shun what was being said to me. My colleague would not allow it, instead this person said they would provide me contacts that could help me get to the next level. I had a pep talk with myself following the call and was initially excited. Not even a week later I was already going back and forth with myself as to why this was not a good idea. I allowed self-doubt to come in and that is not good! When I recognized it I said to myself “No, get to work and make this happen!” I made a conscious decision to do just that. I got to work, put the idea into action and during that time moved in silence. I did not announce to SOCIAL MEDIA what I was doing, I didn’t even say anything to those closest to me. I was excited and intrigued on how everything was coming together. In the final hour of this particular idea which turned into a three-month long project things started to go haywire. I allowed my frustration to turn into self-doubt…yes…again. I was sitting at the edge of my bed ready to throw in the towel because it wasn’t “perfect” based on my personal expectation. At this point I disclosed to my mother what I had been working on and why. She gave me a kick in the pants with her brutal yet loving honesty “So, you are just going to let all the people who worked on this with you down? You put all this effort into this and you are going to let it fall by the wayside because of one person. You better figure it out!” I got up, got out of my feelings, put the finishing touches on it and sent it off to the powers that be. Now it was a waiting game…oh my goodness a waiting game that had me on the edge of my seat and yes back in my own head with self-doubt. I finally told two of my closest friends about what I was working on and in that time of sharing they let me know in so many words, what is for me – is for me. Long story short yesterday at 12:00pm, I was given the results of my hard work. On the edge of my seat as I was glued to my computer screen: I found out that I am a FINALIST in the 2017 North American Hair Styling Awards by the Professional Beauty Association for Makeup Artist of the Year. Every emotion imaginable overcame me, I cried, I screamed, I laughed, I was shaking, over and over again in complete awe, shock and utter excitement! If I would have allowed every time I got in my own way to knock me down I never would have finished, I never would have even earned this honor.

In times where we don’t think we have the strength we need to remind ourselves of how far we have come. The vision that has been given to each of us to pursue our dreams and passions is the type of self-awareness and courage we should carry everyday. As much as I try to be a help to others, I couldn’t take my own advice, I was literally toggling with it. A couple swift kicks in the pants and I was able to get back on track! When you find yourself getting in your own way find an accountability partner. Someone who will keep you on task and not allow you to give up and give in. I am so thankful for those who cheered me on to the finish line. The result has come out absolutely amazing!

Here is the result of my amazing news (you can fast forward to 4:46 to see the announcement) lol:

The lesson in all of this: Don’t give up on yourself – EVER!!!

Tu Es Jolie,