Menswear Monday: Business Casual

This week’s look features the basic business casual look. For the most part, most men stick to the common slacks and polo. I have never quite been a fan of this look.  To me, it has always been so generic and basic.  In order to pull off the basic business casual look, it is important to have a few key basic items.
For starters, a button down shirt is a must have.   I tend to use simple button down shirts, sometimes with a pattern or polka dots.  This gives me more variety on how I can wear the shirt.  In this week’s featured look, the button down chosen is one with polka dots.  The white shirt with navy polka dots pairs well with the navy blue slacks.  Which leads to the next important item that you should have to pull off your basic business casual look.
When it comes to choosing a pair of slacks, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with colors.  The slacks that are featured are more of a slim fit with a flat front.  These slacks can be paired with a simple T shirt, polo or button down shirt and tie.
Now to really tie the look together, I wanted to add a color that pops.  Personally I don’t wear too many bright colors. I felt maroon would be a good pairing that would be eye catching but not overwhelming. When choosing a tie to get the desired basic business casual look, I tend to choose knit ties over traditional silk ties.  Keep in mind: don’t forget your tie clip/tie bar should never go all the way across the tie.  This is a very important detail.
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