Menswear Monday: Am I doing Casual right?

One of the more complicated looks that a man tries to pull off is riding the fine line between business casual and too casual. In many cases the perfect casual look has multiple stages. wHETHER it’s in the office on Friday, an unexpected happy hour or even a night out with your lovely lady.

Pulling off the ideal casual look can be accomplished with just changing a few items. For example, the look below I have on is where I put this casual look in play.

The perfect starting place is a simple white button down that every man should have in his closet (if you don’t have one yet, you need to grab yours), which is the perfect staring place for this look. We all know that a button down is like a convertible car, roll sleeves up ready for happy hour, roll sleeves down you are set for a one on one with your boss. One thing to keep in mind is button control, one too many is too serious, not enough and you turn into that weird Uncle that hits on ladies in the Supermarket.

For the most part every guy has a pair of khakis in their closet somewhere, however to pull off this look successfully you will need a nice fitted pair of slacks  (like shown above). Keep in mind, they do not have to be khakis because any color of pants will pairs well with a nice white shirt.

Alright, here’s how you get multiple looks out of a pair of khakis. At the office, no cuffs on the pants, roll the sleeves down and pair with dress shoes. This is the perfect business casual look. Now for some after work fun or unexpected happy hour, roll those sleeves back up, cuff the pants and pair with Converses.  This clean and simple casual look will definitely catch a few eyes.

We’ve provided links below to the pieces in this look, so you can rock casual like me!

White Shirt: ASOS Pants: ASOS  Shoes: ASOS

Stay Fly,