Menswear Monday: My Experience on the Runway

Last weekend was a first for me. This was my first introduction to Phoenix Fashion Week as a model rather than a spectator. The opportunity presented itself when our Chief Editor Sarah the Phashionizta was chosen as one of the top stylists in Arizona this spring. She immediately reached out to me to see if I would be interested in walking for her show. So, I made plans to attend the casting in late February.

The casting was successful as I was selected to walking in the show. The following weeks of preparation were very hectic. At this point I’d had experience being on stage and being in front of crowed, however the fine details were such a focal point of preparation. Simple changes of head position and walking pace were the main areas I worked to perfect.

Actually walking in the show was a bit of a blur. There is so many hours of preparation for 30-60 seconds of runway time. After the show, I started to see photos and get feedback, at this point I knew the time practicing was well worth it.
Photo taken by L Holley
Participating in Phoenix Fashion Week was a great opportunity to expand my range in modeling. Print modeling allows for mistakes to be corrected before the finish product is released. Runway modeling doesn’t allow for mistakes to be corrected so you are forced to nail it when the time comes. The adrenaline rush of runway modeling is an experience like no other.

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