Menswear Monday: Handsome in Pink

Spring is finally here (you can tell because the pollen is suffocating here in Phoenix). That means it is time to brighten up the colors in your wardrobe. Our Menswear Contributor Letarius shares one of his favorite looks incorporating these springy colors!

One thing that always comes up in conversation is how do you make pink or softer colors work and remain manly. I follow a couple rules.

First, keep it simple. I prefer not to overly complicate the look I’m going for. A simple pink t-shirt is perfect.

Second, I contrast the pink with a darker, stronger color. This enhances the pink but adds a solid masculine touch to the look.

The look works for multiple occasions. Sunday brunch with a certain special lady or happy hour with the fellas. Some tend to stay away from wearing lighter colors out on the town but this transition is easy. Wear a brown casual shoe and layer the pink shirt with a denim button down and you’re ready.

Simple accessories with this look go a long way and helps keep the look easy to put together, which allows the colors to be the focal point.

You can find both the Tshirt and Pants at our favorite local shop City Royals. Make sure you are pairing these pants with non-athletic sneakers (aka wear Converse or an Aldo sneaker).

Make sure you check out last week’s post as well, to check out these same pants with denim!

Stay Fashionable,


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