Menswear Monday: It’s a little different

Right as we were walking out of the store this caught Letarius’ eye. The cut of this sweater is quite a bit different than others that we had seen at City Royals. Also, the material of the sweater is extremely lightweight (perfect for the mild winters here in Arizona).

Simply paired with denim, keeps the focus on the unique sweater. Letarius’ picked the sand toned boots for a small contrast, but you will see later a different shoe that still pairs well.

Here Letarius has brown sneaker style boots on and still keeps it casual.

Accessorizing this look should be kept simple as well, Letarius kept it chill with a couple of beaded bracelets. You can also add a watch if you would like, but other than those two items keep it minimal.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Letarius sized muscles you can still fill out this sweater well. Be mindful that this material is clingy, so it will hang close to your skin.

You can find both the sweater and jeans at City Royals .


Letarius Says

Where would you wear this outfit?

I would wear this outfit on a casual date to the movies, a happy hour, casual day at work or even a simple look to throw on to run errands.

What about this sweater caught your eye?

The unique cut of the sweater with the fabric caught my eye. It’s fitted so it doesn’t feel like a sports hoodies but it’s still comfortable.

We are cooking up new series for you fellas, so make sure to stay tuned! Also, catch Letarius on the runway March 25 at The Phoenician for the Travelers Spring Into Style show!! Grab your tickets here !

Stay Fashionable,



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