Menswear Monday: You need this pair of pants…

So over the past three weeks you have seen Letarius in these olive green pants, that has been paired with three different tops. We wanted to give a proper shout out to these pants, given how versatile they really are. One of the biggest frustrations we hear from our male readers is their clothes are more expensive than their female counterparts as well as they don’t have as many options. Well, what we are sharing below helps to ease both of those pains!

We focused on covering three pieces of clothing that most men have in their closet

  1. Button down (peep the denim)

  2. Hoodie (short sleeve with side zippers)

  3. Pink curved hem T

This entire look can be purchased at Scottsdale based boutique City Royals . These pants can also be found in different colors such as tan or burgundy.

Letarius in the tan
Burgundy for the Holiday

So, why do you need them? Well, let’s be honest these are incredibly versatile pants and you can create an abundance of outfits just from these three colors.

These pants are a great alternative to the everyday denim that you probably have a few pairs of in your closet. And they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Rock them with boots, converses or sneakers as Letarius shows us above.

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