Menswear Monday: The Patriotic pattern you need

Every Arizona man knows the struggle of keeping cool during the summer. Staying fashionable does not have to be compromised when trying to keep cool. With tomorrow being the 4th of July most of us will be sitting by the pool with good company. It only makes sense to start July with patriotic swimwear (and not a cheesy flag pattern). This is hands down one of my favorite suits. It is not the typical stars and stripes suit that many will be wearing to the pool.

The suit pattern makes it perfect for the 4th of July. I personally would wear the swimsuit throughout the summer because the colors are not over powering. Also with the red and blue stripes being on the bottom and the majority of the trunks being stars it does not feel like I am wearing a flag. For those who will not be wearing patriotic swimwear tomorrow, I still recommend paying attention to colors and patterns.

Personally I want to stand out but not stick out like a sore thumb. I stay away from bright neon colors and solid dark colors. Floral prints are very popular and softer colors are what’s in this summer. A good rule to follow when deciding on patterns and color is, you want it to be eye catching but not distracting.

Lastly, fellas, please pay attention to the different styles and cuts. Vintage trunks are making a come back. I recommend not going too tight or too short with swimwear. We all know that a pair or dry trunks fit completely different wet.

You can find these swim trunks at our fave City Royals

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-stay fly


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