Menswear Monday: Ready for Memorial Day

It’s heating up in the Valley of the Sun and we are ready for pool parties and cold drinks! As we head into Memorial Weekend, the focus is solely on swimwear and how we can stay cool! Letarius found some great suits at our local fave City Royals and put them out for a test run a couple of weekends ago!

Being the Phashionizta that I am, I did have to push Letarius a bit outside of his normal range for one of the suits.

Well, no pool party is any fun without a bit of lounging. If you haven’t been to AZ, sometimes you actually have to be outside of the water to keep cool, since the pools get soooo hott!

As you can see Letarius definitely has kept up his workout regime even in the winter time (is anyone surprised lol). And we love that sense of patriotism with the stars and stripes on these shorts too!

Next up we have the pair of shorts that the Phashionizta picked out. So, we want you to let us know in the comments section which is your favorite!

I think these floral print swim trunks are an awesome switch up to the normal longer board shorts we normally see on the fellas. Let’s not be afraid to show a little more leg this summer. Also, the brightness of shorts as a cool contrast to the normally darker colored trunks I have seen all around the pools.

Catch more dope looks next week as we head full on into our summer outfits. We are bringing you lightweight options to keep you cool all summer long!

Also, don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know if you #teamstripe or #teamfloral for these swim trunks!

All photos were taken by Holley of L Holley Photography (IG @l_holley)

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