Menswear Monday: What a Versatile pair of Pants

So last week we touched on how to incorporate softer colors into your wardrobe and remaining masculine.

This week I want to show how to versatile items can be. Myself, I’m one that wants to be able to have multiple wears out of the clothes I buy. I am sure we’ve all had that moment shopping when you see something you want but hesitate wondering “where can I wear this”?

The green pants from last week are a great example. I like to step away from the common colors of pants and express my individual style. This week simply switching out the shirt with the green pants add a bolder, edgier look. I am a huge fan of Chucks so of course I kept those, however a causal brown pair of shoes will work.

Because this look is bolder I would suggest it be worn on a night out, concerts, or reverse happy hour. The look also works for a date night with your lady, however be aware of dress codes when choosing the place. A couple other options for these pairs would include a tank top for a day in the sun or baseball game. Casual dress shoes and button down shirt can be worn to work.

You can find this entire look at our usual fave City Royals .

Let me know what you think of this look? Would you wear it?

Stay Fashionable & Fit,


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