Freestyle Friday: Pro vs. Social Media

This is a topic that continues to be debated…

Professional Makeup Artist . Social Media Makeup Artist

The number of times I have had this conversation is astounding. As your Beauty Editor it should be obvious by now that I one of my favorite statements is ” Consult a Professional”. When you have business dealings a professional you are getting someone who knows what they are doing, offers their client solid consultation which is supported by the education they have. As Professional Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician this topic is very dear to me so when I saw Professional Makeup Artist of 17-years and Beauty Author, DeShawn Hatcher put out this video I absolutely wanted to be sure I shared her insight…watch below:


I will say that DeShawn was very tactful in her delivery of this message which I appreciate. When I have this conversation it still bears a tiny bit of frustration for me simply because of the passion and time I have invested and continue to invest within the beauty industry.

So with that being said, CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL!





Tu Es Jolie,