Womenswear Wednesday: This Dress

This dress is definitely one of my go to’s. I bought it almost three years ago and I break it out occasionaly for a nice night out or when I want to punch up my look a bit. The color is definitely trending more towards a fall/winter vibe and looks great under a coat as well.

I decided to keep this look understated as you could wear it to work, so that means no statement necklace. Hair was simple and straight with makeup minimal.

This dress can be worn with the open toe sandal heels you see as well as close toe pumps. Also, this is a more fitted so don’t be afraid to wear shapewear underneath. I definitely have a pair of spanx on to smooth things out in my not so favorite areas.

You can find a similar dress here Fashionnova and shoes Fashionnova . A purse or crossbody bag would be perfect for this dress in black (to bring the entire look together). To keep it springy you can hit the look with a white handbag.

So, this shoot was a little different than the other ones we’ve had for Fashion to Fit You because both Letarius and I were shooting our looks with The Belair Concept and we ended up shooting some of our looks together. What was more awesome is that the dresses I had picked out coincided perfectly with the outfits he had put together. This week I wanted to share with you some of the pics we shot together.

Getting ready for photos

Fun Fact: Letarius and I did not plan to match at all. My dress and his tie matching were a happy coincidence and the perfect opportunity to share ideas about matching.

We thought this would be a great way to show how couples (sidenote: no we are NOTE dating… I know we are both going to be asked after these posts) how to coordinate colors without being cliche matchy.

Hope you enjoyed today’s look and our Menswear Editor Letarius. We will be sharing a few more looks on coordinating with friends in upcoming posts!

Stay Fashionable,