Womenswear Wednesday: I never thought I’d love a Bikini

Let me start by saying, I’ve always been bikini adverse. I’ve never had the “quintessential” bikini body in my entire life (even when I was playing basketball consistently). While yes I still occasionally wore them to the pool, I was consistently self conscious about how much of myself was “spilling out”. Needless to say I was rarely completely comfortable in a bikini until very recently. And no it’s not because I’ve lost weight or toned up, but because I’ve found the solution. While it’s not really new to the swimwear scene, it had become increasingly popular and I am here for it.

Can you guess what it is?


I’ll be honest, I am still completely self conscious about these pics…

To say I’ve recently become obsessed is probably an understatement and I’ve added quite a few of these pieces into my swimwear collection.

Being able to interchange the bottoms with different tops is a very simple way to make your swimwear go further.

As is the case with any garment, darker colors will make you appear slimmer (think black) while lighter colors can (not always) will make you appear wider or bigger. 

Another item to note when purchasing a swimsuit is how active you will be in it. Some of the recent suits out on the market are super cute but not functional for anything other than sitting and looking cute. So, if you plan on swimming make sure your bikini keeps all your lady parts covered.

And no, normally I don’t pair heels with a bikini at my community pool. However, if I am heading out to a pool party, best believe my 4’10” frame will be in heels, wedges or platforms (anything to give myself some height). I found these bikini separates at Forever21 .

I’ve hope you enjoyed this small snippet into my bikini brain and I’ll be sharing a few more pics on our social media (IG @fashiontofityou) over the course of the summer, so stay tuned.

Stay Fashionable,