Womenswear Wednesday: The Process

The past couple weeks I have been working on “detoxing” from the madness that was Spring Into Style. Between working my corporate day job, putting together 12 cohesive menswear looks and working with my Runway Sponsor Hanger, I was spent. However, recovery has been going pretty well and I am finally able to make sense of the entire process and I wanted to share with you the madness that has been happening in my own head.

Me starting to share the Madness

The Process 1

Once I had my theme, I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to present during the actual runway show. Traveling means going some place to virtually all who travel, BUT we all travel for a variety of reasons! Therefore, I wanted to share three definitively different types of male travelers (as you may have seen from previous posts, my show was all male models). With the help of one of our favorite stores (City Royals), I was able to showcase a casual (sporty), relaxed (classy) and dapper (business) traveler along with amazing luggage!!

The Process 2

After figuring out looks, I had to take into consideration what was going to happen with their hair AND makeup! Not exactly my avenue of expertise but I do have someone on my team who knows all about it. I knew that I wanted a more natural male look, no crazy makeup and natural hair looks. From what I have seen, that is normally how men travel anyways so I kept it consistent. A big thank you to Jalia Pettis for providing her expertise and knowledge into finalizing who needed what backstage for the Traveler Runway.

 The Process 3

Next step was music and thankfully my good friend James has a database (I am not exaggerating!) of music that had everything I could ever want in a show. I’ve always been a huge fan of hip hop and old school music and luckily I was able to fuse old and new school into the show. A big thank you to James for his help with not only grabbing the music, but mixing and making the transitions on it.

The Process 4~~ My Turn

Given, I was so worried about what the guys were wearing I had little to no time figuring out what I would be wearing. I knew I wanted to wear black and have some type of sleeves. I had fallen off on my workout routine, so my body wasn’t quite where I had hope it would be (yes, I will be getting back on track tho). Therefore, black was the most slimming I could find. For the interview portion, I went with a short sleeve perforated dress that hit just about the knee. I knew I would need minimal jewelry as the dress was busy by itself.

Hair and Makeup by Beauty Editor Jalia Pettis

For the Runway shot, I knew I wanted something slimming and fully covering my arms. I paired this LBD with a statement necklace and pink sandal heels.

Overall, it was an incredible experience and one I won’t soon forget <3.

Stay Fashionable,