Womenswear Wednesday: I think I may be obsessed?

Obsessed may be too strong of a word, but I think it fits for this piece. Sometimes you come across an item in a store that you can’t get off your mind and you end up buying it and you think to yourself you will figure out what to wear it with later. Well, that’s how I felt about this piece. I actually had purchased it to use for a photo shoot for a client. I have always been very apprehensive about any coat, cardigan or jacket that is longer because I am so short. I’ve always felt that it makes me even shorter. However, for some reason I became obsessed with this one. I honestly never imagined it would be so versatile.

Yes, I also realize that highlighting a cardigan in the dead middle of a brutal AZ summer seems odd, but just hear me out.

So, the first time I wore this cardigan was for a casual Friday. High waisted jeans, open toe heels and a white T let the cardigan do the talking in this outfit. This was easy to take from a casual Friday in the office to happy hour right after!

Next look on my obsessed cardigan is a little bit more edgy.

In front of one of my favorite displays at the Found:RE hotel in downtown Phx

A one piece jumpsuit (that I didn’t realize until afterwards was pretty much see through… insert face palm emoji here) and open toe high ankle boots. I’d wear this for a casual date night or out for wine night with the girls.

The last outfit I have to show you is why I find this cardigan to be relevant even in the summer months. The photos of this look are also taken at a book signing with one of my Style Idols… Clinton Kelly of The Chew (formally of What Not to Wear on TLC). What not to Wear is a large reason I made the focus of this blog to provide style tips and examples that can be applicable to the everyday person.

A simple black bodycon dress and nude heels with this cardigan and you have an instant business casual look for the office. I’ve definitely worn this outfit multiple times and will continue to do so.

So, now that I have shown a few examples of why I obsessed over this cardigan does it make sense?

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